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Languages are linguistic systems.

There are spoken languages and computer languages such as programming languages and markup languages.

Spoken languages

Computer languages

Programming languages

Here’s a list of the programming languages that may appear regularly on this blog. It’s sorted chronologically by the year of their appearance.

Name compiled typing paradigms appeared in
LISP yes strong, dynamic func1 1958
Pascal yes strong, static imp2 1970
C yes strong, static imp 1972
SQL ? strong, static imp 1972
C++ yes strong, static imp, oo3 1979
Erlang yes strong, dynamic func, con4 1987
Haskell yes strong, static func 1990
Python both strong, static imp, oo 1991
Java yes strong, static oo, imp 1995
JavaScript no loose, dynamic imp 1995
PHP no loose, dynamic imp, oo 1995
Ruby no loose, dynamic imp, oo 1995
C# yes strong, static imp, oo 2001
Scala yes static oo, func, imp 2001

Markup languages

  1. functional

  2. imperative

  3. object-oriented

  4. concurrent